Chemistry Professor CV

A chemistry professor is a professional who specialises in teaching and instructing Chemistry and its branches. He or she is the one who aims to teach various chemical processes, organic or inorganic studies, thermodynamic lessons or other related chemistry fields to their students by imparting comprehensive knowledge. A chemistry professor should be skilled to teach students the composition, structure, chemical ratios and other important aspects of the topic. A candidate can apply for the job post of Chemistry professor at a particular educational institute with the help of a CV document that is referred as Chemistry professor CV.

Sample Chemistry Professor CV

Henry Williams

Contact number: 432-393-09

Mobile Number: 909937383

Address: 323, Ronald Street, Red Square Building, Nottingham UK

Email Address:

Languages Known: English, French, German

Career Objective:

I look forward for an opportunity to be employed as a chemistry professor at your institute so that I get a platform to impart teachings and share my knowledge with the students for their better success.

Key Skills and Area of Expertise:

  •  Conduct regular class-room tests and examinations for the analysis of student’s interpretation of the topics taught.
  •  Interactive class room sessions, focussing on chemical analysis, lab works, micro and macro molecular chemistry.
  •  Efficient in creating and distributing chemistry assignments, note books and maintain attendance registers.
  •  Assure that a student is working with sincerity and caution during the chemistry labs.

Educational History:

  • Acquired Doctoral Degree in Chemistry from The College of Chemical studies, Nottingham
  • Attained Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Chemistry from The University of Texas
  • Attained Master’s of Science Degree in Inorganic chemistry from University of Texas

Professional Teaching Experience:

  • Worked as a chemistry teacher for more than 5 years at some of the best schools, colleges and educational institutes within the county.
  • Worked as a chemistry lab professor at Magical Chemical Labs for 2 years.

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