Chemistry Teacher CV

Emily Walker
Crown Street, Aberdeen

Phone: 1234-567-8901


I intend to work in a reputed educational institution which provides a competitive atmosphere for work and for learning.  I want to provide excellent education to my students while mutually benefiting from each one’s knowledge and uniqueness.

Summary of Qualification:

  • Excellent communication skills, both in oral and written language.
  • Possess great capability to work with students of various learning abilities and character.
  • Highly skilled in preparing lesson plans and using different kinds of visual aids and teaching materials.

Professional Experience/Career History:

  • Experience working as a teacher’s aide after graduating from Bachelor’s Degree.

Responsibilities:  Helping students cope with the lessons by giving special attention to those with learning disabilities.  Checking examination papers and assignments.

  • Experience in teaching special children and children with behavioral problems as a volunteer teacher when I was still a student.

Responsibilities:  Teaching basic science topics to special children and children with behavioral problems.  Helping special children with their basic day-to-day needs when they are in the school.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the Aberdeen University in 2001.
  • Master’s degree in Biochemistry from the Aberdeen University in 2006.
  • Pursuing Doctor of Philosphy in Biochemistry Research from 2009 upto the present.


  • Recognized by the Aberdeen University as an outstanding student for four consecutive years.
  • Given special recognition by the Chemistry Organization of which I was a member and an officer for two years.

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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