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A computer science professor teaches and imparts the knowledge related to computer and its applications, both theoretically as well as practically. As a professor, he should be skilled to instruct and guide students in the entire learning process and ensure success in their performances. An applicant applying for the job post of a computer science professor should have a strong educational background in computer science and considerable years of experience. He can seek his candidacy with the help of a CV document that is commonly termed as a computer science professor CV.

Sample Computer Science Professor CV

Joseph Davidson

Contact Information : 48494-09

Mobile Number: 797007970

Residential Address: 765, 2nd Floor, White Heaven Building, Lavender Street, New York

Email address:


Looking forward to work as a computer science professor at your institute so that I get an opportunity to exercise my teaching skills and educate my students with a professional knowledge and skills related to computer science.


1) Attained Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Science from the University to Massachusetts, in the year 2000.

2) Attained Master’s of Science degree in Computer Science from The College of Computational Studies, New York, in the year 2003.

3) Acquired high school degree from St. James Senior Secondary School.


Experience of working as a Computer Science professor for more than 7 years at:

1) Sunrise Senior Secondary School from 2005-2007

2) Holmes Computer Science Institute from 2008 to present


  • Assure all levels of technical and computational understanding to the students.
  • Conduct weekly test schedules, distribute computer assignments and carry out interactive class room sessions to ensure best performance of the students.
  • Schedule Computer practical labs and technological studies so that students comprehend the topic in the best possible way.
  • Skills of preparing class materials, demonstrating lectures, reviewing performances, maintaining attendance registers etc.


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