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In an educational institute, an economics professor is the one responsible for imparting practical and theoretical knowledge to the students about Economics. An economics professor can teach and share economy related knowledge to the students of school, graduate and post graduate colleges. He or she should specialise in teaching macro economics, priced economics and other related fields of the economics to the students of his institute. To apply for the job of an economics professor, a person has to submit his CV that is termed as Economics professor CV. Such a CV document details candidate’s personal information, teaching skills, qualifications and other important information required at the time of candidacy.

Sample Economics Professor CV

Name: Mr. Calvin Charles

Residential Address: 562, Block 3rd, Avenue Street, Ontario.

Mobile Number: 9094848493

Telephone Number: (212)-473-493

Email Address:

Languages Known: English, French and German

Key Skills and Competencies:

1) Efficient to prepare and deliver class room lectures and ensure that each student comprehend what is being taught in the class.

2) Evaluate student’s performance by conducting regular class room test cycles, lab tests and examination scheduling.

3) Providing practical knowledge to the students related to the topics such as national economy, economy fluctuations, price changes etc by conducting informative tours and trips,

Professional Working Experiences:

• Presently working as an economics professor at Success Holy Senior Secondary School.

• Worked for more than 3 years at University of Vocational Studies, London at the job post of an economics professor.

• Conducted many training sessions and interactive programs related to country’s economy, educating people and students.

Educational Profile:

• Bachelor’s of Science degree in Economics and macro economics, University of London

• Master’s of Science in business economics and statistics, University of Chicago.

• High Schooling from School of Business Economics with a total of 9.8 GPA in the +2 session.


• Awarded as a best Economics teacher in London in the year 2009.


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