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Educational CV is by far the most diverse of all resumes in the common market today. Job seekers need to be very specific on their resumes when applying for job positions in the education sector. Some of the career opportunities available in the education industry range from class work to extra-curricular activities including the most common teaching, teacher assistant, team coaches, secretaries, directors, trainers, tutors etc. Education levels range from kindergarten, nurseries, primary schools, junior high schools, high schools, colleges, universities and even private training companies. This document provides tips and tricks to people intending to apply to fill vacancies in the education sector as well as a general template to drafting a workable CV/resume.

Educational CV Template

Personal Details:

Name:  Bob Johnsons

Address: 7843 Quake Boulevard, Manchester UK

Phone: +44-674-8923-374


Career objective

Use the skills and knowledge I have to enlighten others learners in my field of expertise.

Educational qualification:

1991 – 1996

Oxford University

Qualification: Bachelor of Education (Arts)

Basketball player, University team (1996)

Arts club chairman

1989 – 1990

North Hill High School, Glasgow

Qualification: A Level

Member of Drama club

Basketball team player

Participated in Music festivals

1985 – 1988

St. Peters High School, Manchester

Qualification: GCSE O Level

School basketball team player

Drama club chairperson

Professional Qualification:


Licensed by the government to practice teaching


2008 to date

Highland Park High School


Head of Arts Department

Coach, Basketball team

Teacher’s representative to parents’ board


Increase in class mean performance in Arts in 2007

Trained the basketball team that represented the district in national       games


Chord School, Leeds


Arts Trainee teacher

Basketball trainer

Culture music instructor


Chord School participated for the first time in Culture exchange in London during my time.



Playing Basketball

Playing scrabble


Music and Art

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