High School Teacher CV

High School Teachers are required in every high school and almost all the schools are increasing their number of teachers, which puts high school teachers in great demand. High School teacher should possess some organizational skills.

High School Teacher CV’s are helpful while applying for jobs in High Schools.

Sample High School Teacher CV Format

Graham Atkinson

Lake view


United Kingdom


Mobile No: + 44 500 54 67 87 7

Telephone Number: + 44 555 097 6656

Career Objective: Want to join an institution which is rich in its history and has a bright future and which supports creative thinking to be implemented. Want to bring the best out of me and prepare future of the country to meet the challenges of the world.

Professional Experience:

1998 – 2006 ABC High School, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Joined the school as physics teacher and developed some easy understandable teaching techniques. Carried out the research on various topics and trained the junior staff and taught them the ways to be informative to the students.



  • 2000- 2003: Bachelor of Science in Physics, Huddersfield University, Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • 2003-2005: Master’s of Science in Physics, Huddersfield University, Glasgow, United Kingdom


Researched on various subjects in Physics and made them understandable for the students. Won many awards from different organizations and a pride of performance award from the Government.


  • Shopping
  • Acting
  • Football
  • Movies
  • Music


Upon Request

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