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Lecturers are required in every college and university, no matter what subjects are taught at them. Lecturers have to be sound at their knowledge because most of the topics are based on research work. Lecturers are trained to communicate and deliver the important contents of the subject effectively. They also help student about deciding their goals and career counseling.

Lecturer CV’s are helpful while applying for jobs in colleges and universities.

Sample Lecturer CV Format

Jenny Ruiz

32, waterloo


United Kingdom


Mobile No: + 44 500 54 67 87 7

Telephone Number: + 44 555 097 6656

Career Objective: Want to join an institution where I can utilize my experience and transfer my knowledge to youth. Want to be informative and helpful to the students.

Professional Experience:

March 1990 – July 1999 ABC College, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Taught at the college as a lecturer and delivered informative and research based lectures in the college. Trained the junior teachers and told them techniques of delivering lectures.


1980 – 1982 Bachelors of Arts in Education, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

1982- 1984 Masters Arts in Education, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom


Built a team of lecturers in the colleges and universities and carried out various documented researches and helped students in writing thesis. Won many awards from different universities and Government organizations on the research work.


  • Shopping
  • Acting
  • Movies
  • Music


Upon Request

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