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There are many students who dread math as they believe it is difficult. Math teachers have the task of teaching a subject that is absolutely necessary to students who in most cases are not willing to learn. Teachers need to be creative in their teaching methods so as to gain and maintain their students’ attention.

Apart from possessing the right academic qualifications and work experience, Maths CVs should show that the applicant possesses character traits and skills such as integrity, counseling skills and effective communication skills. The character of a teacher is very important as it will affect the learning process of the students.

Sample Maths CV

John Edwards

Southern-North Drive

Baltimore, BA 1234
(034) 768-3245


I am seeking a position of a mathematics teacher in the field of education and training in any international school where I could be of value in assisting students internalize and conceptualize the fundamentals of mathematics – Theory and Practice. My excellent communication, problem-solving, analytical and presentation skills are a plus in inducting mathematical skills to students with varied abilities.

Research and Scholarly Interests

Thesis Research in Teaching and Operationalizing Mathematics from a Multi-cultural Perspective with special interest in:

  • The girl-child and ethnic minorities
  • Geometry and spatial capabilities in 10th– 12thGrades
  • Pre-service and on-job teacher education


July 2002 – April 2004 Shiners Graduate School of Technical Studies

Award-     Postgraduate Technical Teaching Certificate

Area of Specialization-   Mathematics

Core Units: General Topology, Complex Numbers, Distribution,   Algebra, Differential Calculus, General relativity Science of Education

Final Grade 89.5%

Oct. 1998 – April 2001 University of New-Canterbury

Award Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics

Area of specialization Mathematics

Core Units: Measurements and Integration, Data Processing; Linear Algebra, General Topology; Optics, Logic

Final Grade 92.7%

Professional Experience

2006 – Present Certified Mathematics Teacher

Institution-Maryland Baptist High School, Maryland, MA

Mission: Researching, preparing, and teaching mathematics lessons in 10th, 11th, and 12thGrades

Means: Active Method

Appraisal: Good

Average Rate of Success 68 %

2005 – 2006: Certified Mathematics Teacher

Institution: Kingston High School, Boston, BA

Mission: To prepare and teach Mathematics lessons to students in 9thand 10thGrades.

Means: Modern methods, Active method, and Preparatory activities

Appraisal: Satisfactory

Average Rate of Success 60.5 %

Other Attributes

Originality of concepts







Positive attitude

Strong analytical skills

Professional Affiliations

2003 – Present Mathematics Teachers Association, Maryland (Secretary)

2005 – Present Open Member of the Calculus foundation

2006 – Present National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (Member)


Dr. Zepeda Mohammed

Head of Mathematics Department Principal, Maryland Baptist High School

(034) 123-4567

Mr. Maxwell Brown

Shiners Graduate School, Maryland, MA

(098) 765-4321

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