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A packaging engineer is a person who excels in thinking, designing and packaging complex materials, products etc for the company. A packaging engineer is usually creative to pack projects and materials, analysing and overseeing the packaging procedure from initiation to the completion. The job post of a packaging engineer requires a person to be flexible enough to pack all type of materials, ranging from rigid to flexible, point size to macro sizes etc. A person can apply for the post of a packaging engineer with the help of a CV document that is called as packaging engineer CV.

Sample Packaging Engineer CV

Davidson Leonardo

Address: 132 Leo Street, Lane number-3, Park Block, Buckingham, UK

Mobile Number: (090)-474-585

Contact Number: 46463774

Email Address:

Current Employment Status: Employed

Marital Status: Married


  • Film packaging
  • Thermocol packaging
  • Plastic packaging
  • Foam packaging
  • Designer packaging
  • Defence packaging


I am writing to apply for the job post of a packaging engineer at your reputed organisation so that I get a platform to shape and pack materials and products with my finest packaging engineering skills and deliver premium quality packaged products.


  • Attained B.Tech degree in cushioned designing from the University of Designing and Innovation.
  • Attained qualifications on machinery packaging from the College of Technological Designs from the University of London
  • Graduated with a high school degree from school of creative heads, London.


  • Diploma course from the University of Michigan, the finest University offering packaging courses.


Sr. Packaging Engineer at Johnson and Johnson Company (2009 to present)


1) Packaged materials and products with prime level finishing.

2) Equipped with labelling designing, cushioned packaging, packaging testing etc.

Packaging Engineer at Holmes Packaging Industries (2006-2009)


1) Excelled in delivering quality packaged products with efficiencies of project designing, packaging designing etc.

2) Help responsible for all types of packaging from film packaging to defence to blister etc.

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