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Molding the minds of future leaders, inventors, stars and professionals, this is the work of a primary school teacher. The future decisions that the children will make as adults will in one way or another be affected by their upbringing and education at primary school level. Recruiters of primary teachers are therefore very cautious about the type of people they hire.

Primary teacher CVs should reflect a strong character. Integrity, reliability and a holder of high ideals are some character traits that are desirable in primary teachers. If you have experience handling young children, demonstrate this in your CV. Recruiters will be more likely to call back an applicant with such experience.  Here is a CV sample for primary teachers.

Sample Primary School Teacher CV

Natalie Grayson

Southwest Hood Drive

Ohio, WH

Phone: (012) 345 – 6789

Personal Profile

I aim to seek full time employment as a classroom teacher or a specialist primary P.E. teacher in the US, where I can utilize my teaching skills and qualifications to enhance children learning abilities. I am currently engaged in teaching Physical Education to students from 4th– 8thgrade. But I’m also competent to teach Geography and History. I have professional experience gained within diverse practical development roles in games, gymnastics, outdoor education and P.E. I value mature, positive, and eclectic teaching techniques, and helpful working relations between the staff, students, and parents.

Areas of Expertise

P.E. Development Communication in Early Years Differentiating Learning Activities

Outdoor Education Policy and Plan construction Primary Liaison Work

Pastoral Care Curriculum Development -Writing Plans/ Reports


Bachelor of Education Bridge View University, Any Place, AP- 1998 – 2002

Majoring in Child Physical Development

Certificate in Child Development and Psychology-1996 – 1997

Other Certifications:

Mandatory Notification Training,

First Aid,

Fitness Leadership,

Swimming Instructor,

Aerobics Instructor

KS2 Grammar for Writing

Professional Experience and Significant Achievements

Class Teacher   Braxton Primary School, Any Where, AW 2004 – to date

Teacher of subjects within the primary school curriculum, including Physical Education, Geography, History, Gymnastics, Athletics, Swimming, Pastoral Care, and Organizing Events.

  • Gained helpful skills in teaching children using English as their second language
  • Mentored parents to be actively involved in areas of school life so as to develop a close relationship between parents, teachers, and students
  • Advised and supported members of staff on formulation, planning, assessment, resource allocation, and lesson modeling.
  • Reformulated P.E. Programs and delivered new and effective P.E Course

Key Competencies

  • Proven capacity to stand in front of children to present class learning materials and tutorials
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills with colleagues
  • Ability to tutor each student as an individual, while utilizing a teaching style that caters for children of all abilities
  • Ability to work under pressure and to meet strict deadlines

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