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A psychological instructor can be a teacher, a publisher or even and applied psychologist. He is also a capable infopeneur and offers his services in the field of alternative high education, mental health services related to military services. Here in this sample resume you may find all possible information have already been included and so you just have to try and edit these set of information. You can then try to add your relevant information to prepare your best CV that is effective and can help you fetch the right type of job. When writing your CV always try to add all your writing and communication skills.

Sample Psychology Instructor CV

Shusan Talak

Davik’s Estate, 400th

Swindon 03876

U. K

clinics@yahoo. com

CONTACT NO: +34 43853553

MOBILE NO: +24 9841255455



To try and seek the job of Psychology Instructor in well reputed institution or firm.

Summary in Qualifications

  • Highly motivated and skilled in communicating with others and clients.
  • Capable of making use of applied cognitive psychology for brand marketing and goal setting.
  • Can try and make a number of implementations for behavioral changing strategy of co-workers and clients.
  • Capable of working independently by setting goals that are result oriented and effective.




Bachelor’s in Psychology, University of London


Diploma in Psychology, University of Bath

Career Experience/Job History

2010 – Present

Psychological instructor

Danes College


Psychological instructor

Faines School


  • Have managed to gain positive reviews and remarks by most co-workers and clients in the present organization.
  • Received merit in the field of applied psychology and self development strategies.

Professional references upon request

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