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A scientist not only needs to be highly knowledgeable but also should be creative. Employers look for the demonstration of innovation in science in a science CV. It is no longer enough to simply rely on your academic qualifications as every applicant for the job has similar or even better qualifications.

A scientist helps people understand their world better; the scientist makes it possible for the lay person to understand the intricate details of why things work the way they do in a language that is understandable to all. Thus potential employers look for people with good analytical skills coupled with well polished presentation abilities. Other skills that recruiters look for in scientist’s CV include good communications skills and the ability to work under very little supervision. Shown below is a science CV example.

Sample Science CV

Jane McGrath Alexander

Eastward Street

Stanford, CA 12343

(0123) 789-2345


Seeking for a research position in an international research firm where I can have the opportunity to use my skills in the science field as a research scientist. I cultivate an exciting and engaging environment by operating hands-on activities, experiments, and coming up with practical real life solutions to problems affecting the human race. Use my vast experience in the scientific field to contribute positively in the scientific field.


2000 – 2002   MSc in Cell Biology

Gracious University of Technology, Baltimore, MD

1996 – 1999   BS in General Biology

Queens University, Allentown, PA

Professional Experience

2001 – 2002   Masters Degree Thesis, Gracious University of Technology

Department of Biological Sciences (Dr. John Weston)

Research Experience: Developed a Research project to map out the order through which DNA replicates in MHC to delineate mammalian origins of replication.

Supervisory Experience: Supervised two undergraduate students, Maintained laboratory radiation safety compliance, and assisted in Biochemistry and cell-function biology laboratory courses.


2002 Alexander, J.M., & Patricia, M.D. (2002). “Gene Mapping   replication in Columbus Monkey.”Journal of Immunology125:1123-1167

2005 Alexander, J.M. & Kerry, D.L. (2005). “The science of antigens: A serological and Biomedical Study.”Journal of analytical Biology156: 980-1009

Employment History

2006 – Present   SharpEnds Laboratories Ltd

Position Laboratory Analyzer

Job Description Genetic Coding development; Research and Development of Antigens, coding tissue development and growth

2003-2005: McClain Senior High School, Any Where, AW

Position   Teach Biology and Chemistry to 11th– 12th Graders

Job Description Teach Molecular genetics, Immunology, Biochemistry, and tissue culture

Teach analytical models in chemistry, Laboratory procedures, and Theoretical perspectives in Chemistry


2002 – Present American Institute of Chartered Immunologists (Member)

2005 – Present: The John Faller Task Force on Antigen Development (Member)

2006 – Present American Biology Teacher’s Association (Member)

Other Attributes

High analytical abilities

Excellent communication skills

Ability to mentor

Strong interpersonal skills

High expectations of achievement

Good planning abilities


Dr. John Weston

Department of Biological Sciences, McClain Senior High School

Tel: (012)453-384876

Mr. Mark Morrison

Gracious University of Technology Any Where, AW

Tel: (012)453-67890

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