Special Education Teacher CV

Special Education teachers are required in schools for special children. Their responsibility is to teach elementary subjects to physically and mentally handicapped pupils. These teachers are trained to communicate with handicapped children audibly and visually. It is also their duty to teach the life processes to those who are mentally impaired.

Special Education Teachers CV’s are helpful while applying for profile like Principle of Special Education School, Special Education Trainer and Special Education Consultant etc.

Sample Special Education Teacher CV Format

William Matthews

46, Bank Street




Mobile No: + 47 500 54 67 87 7

Telephone Number: + 47 555 097 6656

Career Objective: Want to work in a school preferably Government school and want to serve the country by training the handicapped children and make them useful for the country and acceptable by the society. Want to give confidence to my students and want to teach them how to communicate to normal people.

Professional Experience:

July 1995 – August 2002 ABC School for Special Children

Taught at the school for 7 years and introduced many techniques to communicate to blind and deaf children. Trained the junior teachers to improve their skills and treat the children politely.


1990 – 1992 Bachelors of Education, University of Oslo, Norway

1992 — 1994 Masters of Education, University of Oslo, Norway


Won several awards from Government organizations and NGO’s for introducing new techniques in Special Children Education.


  • Shopping
  • Acting
  • Music
  • Movies


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