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Daniel Oxford
New Heights Company
London, SW2 1LS

Phone:  1234-567-8901


I intend to work in an academic institution that will provide opportunities for me to make use of my skills and knowledge as a teacher as well as give me room to grow as an instructor.  For me, a career as a teacher is fulfilled by creating graduates that will excell not only academically but also as a responsible part of society.

Summary of Qualification:

  • Great skills as a teacher in verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Excellent creativity and ability to make teaching aids that are effective and helps maintain the attention of students.
  • Works well with colleagues and students of varied character and learning capacities.
  • Can adjust well to work schedules.

Professional Experience/Career History:

  • Experience in working as a math teacher immediately after graduating from Masteral’s degree.

Responsibilities:  Teaching pupils of Grade 1 and 2 classes about basic mathematical operations.  In addition, the work involves giving additional tutorial classes to those who need help in the subject after class.

  • Experience in statistical analysis work that is done in research as part of a research team that volunteered to help in a local project.

Responsibilities:  Conducting statistical survey in a large area and involves data gathering and interpretation.  Also involved producing statistical analysis of data gathered.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Statistics from the London University in 2000.
  • Master’s degree in Statistics from the London University in 2004.
  • Pursuing Doctor of Philosophy in Research Statistics from 2010 upto the present.

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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