Artificial Lift Engineer CV

An artificial lift engineer is one who is in charge of all the activities involved in artificial lift operations. The job responsibilities of an artificial lift engineer include artificial lift designing, monitoring performance of all artificial lifts and optimization of the functioning of artificial lifts assigned to him.

As the role of an artificial lift engineer is very crucial in a rigging company the candidate is required to be very dynamic and have required educational background to perform well on the job. A sample artificial lift engineer CV is provided here below for easy reference and use by a candidate seeking similar position in an organization.

Sample Artificial lift engineer CV

Mathew Anthony

#3, Ammanford, Dyfed, London, SA18

Cell: 416- 438 -3606 email:


Working as Junior Artificial Lift Engineer at Global Oil and Drilling Company, Manchester, London since August 2010 and my job responsibilities include :-

Design down hole drilling and undertake actives of installation

Manage rig inventory

Allocate resources for optimum field operations

Manage all activities related to artificial lift systems in the company

Responsible for all service contracts of artificial lifts taken by company


Bachelors in Engineering from Mehman University, London June 2007 – June 2010

Majors in Petroleum and Gas engineering

High School from London High School, Cheshire, London June 2002 – June 2007

Passed with excellent grades in high school


Good coordination skills

Good analytical and math skills

Excellent communication skills

Possess good supervisory skills

Capable of handling work even under extreme pressure situations

Good performance optimization skills

Possess good computer skills


I have very good exposure to sports and like to play different kinds of games such as polo, golf and table tennis too.

I love gardening and have been working on various bonsai plants for many years just as a hobby.


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