Associate Service Engineer CV

Associate service engineers work as assistants to service engineers. Their job is to perform the task assigned to them by the service engineers. They take guidance from service engineers about identifying and troubleshooting the automobile issues. Associate service engineers act on customer complaints and with the help of mechanics resolve the problems. They also do regular service jobs and report to service engineer who have to approve their work.

Associate Service Engineer CV is helpful for all people who are interested in working as Associate Service Engineers in the automobile service centers.

Associate Service Engineer CV Format

Rosa Evans

2659, Nutwood St,



The United States of America

Mobile No: +1 990 89 27 43 4

Telephone Number: + 1 270 428 4239

Career Objective: I am looking for a job as associate service engineer with automobile companies.

Professional Experience:

2008 – 2009: ZZZ Autos, Virginia

I have worked with ZZZ Autos, Virginia as associate service engineers. I was responsible for the complaint verification and inspection of the vehicles.

2006 – 2007: YYY Automobile Service Center, Virginia

I have worked as associate service engineer with YYY Automobile Service Center, Virginia. My job involved regular servicing and repair of the company vehicles. My area of specialization was two wheelers.


2001 – 2003: Bachelor of Engineering (Automotive Engineering), University of South Carolina

2004 – 2005: Masters of Engineering (Automotive Engineering), University of Wisconsin


I have represented YYY Automobile Service Center in many two wheeler race tournaments.


  • Playing baseball
  • Travelling.


I will provide references on request.

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