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Civil engineering CVs should be tailored to suit the organization and the position being applied to. Avoid using the same CV for different applications as most recruiters like to see a CV resume that is tailored for their organization. Civil engineers can get jobs in various areas and under various organizations e.g. water, sewerage, building and construction and telecommunication.

When applying to a specific organization carry out extensive research about the organization and the job for which you intend to apply. You may then embark on compiling your civil engineering CV with this information in mind. Tailor your civil engineering CV to suit the needs of the employer. Employers will be impressed with a CV that shows a clear understanding of the organization’s needs and objectives.

Sample Civil Engineering CV

James Wesley Sylvester (Civil Engineer)

409 East-wide Drive Over 10 years progressive experience in Civil Engineering

Baltimore, BA 45678 with a bias in Pipeline, Sewage, and Highway Construction

(021) 123-4567

Areas of Expertise

Civil Engineering

  • Heavy Civil Works – Reinforced concrete walls and flats to nuclear stipulations
  • Cofferdam Installation
  • Drainage Works – Storm water and sewer-line installation
  • Highway construction, maintenance and repair
  • Piling – Sheet and bored piles
  • Structural engineering steel works

Specialist Engineering

  • Fiber-optic, sewer-line, and power cable installation, including subsea
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing of water, oil, and sewer pipelines
  • Shaft and tunnel design and construction
  • Horizontal directional drilling
  • Construction operations under the SSSI environments

Work Experience

Date:    May 2005 – Present

Position:   Resident Civil Engineer

Institution:   Baltimore Public Works Department, BA 3453

Main Responsibilities: Working in a team environment to develop new and innovative ways to maintain Highways and Sewer-lines within the greater area of Baltimore. Responsible for designing and development of highway drainage systems within the locality, including wire laying and drainage pipe pulling.

Date: June 2002 – March 2005

Position: Civil Engineer

Institution: Sky Works Civil engineering Ltd, Maryland

Main Responsibilities: Overall management of projects from conceptualization to completion, Supervision of sub-contractors, Preparation and development of risk assessment methodologies, designed, developed, and constructed subsea pipeline in India


Date: Jan. 2000 – Feb. 2002

Institution: Maryland University of Technology

Qualification Awarded: Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering

Core Subjects: Geotechnology, Calculus and Trigonometry, Ground Engineering, Construction Materials Engineering, and Survey Law

Research: Master’s Thesis on Flood Engineering and Destruction of Highways

Date: Feb 1997 – Dec 1999

Institution: Bridgeview University

Qualification Awarded: Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering

Core Subjects: Mechanics and Thermodynamics, Geomechanics, Structural Design, Highways and Bridges, and Fluid Mechanics

Computer Skills and competencies

  • Experience in AutoCAD modeling using Unigraphics and Mesh generation, including commercial software packages such as CFX-Mesher and ICEMCFD
  • Experience in computer programming using FORTRAN and C++

Professional Affiliations

2004 – Present: American Public Works Association (Member)

2005 – Present: American Society of Civil Engineers (Member)

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