Customer Support Engineer CV

A customer support engineer is an integral part of an organisation, responsible for supporting and maintaining customer and client relationships. He or she is responsible for building up the effective client relationships that are essential for the overall development of an organisation. An applicant applying for the job post of a customer support engineer should have excellent interpersonal skills, good communicational abilities and great convincing power. One can apply for the job post of a customer support engineer with the help of a document that is called as a customer support engineer CV. Such a document details applicant’s skills, qualifications and experiences.

Sample Customer Support Engineer CV


George Mc. Charles

132, Main James Street, Park Cubic Store, Nottingham, UK

Mobile Number: 04848-60-595

Telephone Number: 686-695-383

Email Address:

Current employment status: Employed at Fortune Enterprises Limited

Marital Status: Married


  • Good phone manners and efficient to schedule meetings and appointments
  • Customer oriented approach, good dealing techniques and verbal skills.
  • Provide all levels of support and assistance to the customers.
  • Effective in resolving customer queries and complaints
  • Laying out immediate solutions and improvements measures for facilitating customer relationships.


  • Acquired Bachelor’s Degree in business and communication from the University of Illinois
  • Attained Master’s Degree in communication and journalism from the University of Illinois
  • Certified in Computers and application as CCNA, MCSE and MCP.


Worked as a customer support engineer at Fortune Company Private Limited for total 4 years.

Duties and Skills:-

  • Strong analytical skills and problem solving approach.
  • Skillful to manage and assist customer proposals and customer relationships.
  • Ability to work with concurrent customer based tasks with good interpersonal skills and effective directive nature.
  • Highly helpful in coordinating with the customer to solve technical problems and issues.

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