Electronics Engineer CV

Electronic Engineers are required by almost all the electronics and appliances companies. Electronics engineers perform wide variety of tasks and duties from research and development to physically testing electronic components. Experience is a major advantage in this field and few certifications can lead to a bright career path.

Electronics Engineer CV’s are helpful while applying for profiles like Chief Engineer, Project Manager and Electronics Consultant etc. This CV can also be helpful for entrants like Junior Engineers.

Sample Electronics Engineer CV Format

Mariah Patrick

84 Richmond Street




Mobile No: + 46 707 645367

Telephone Number: + 46 456 98764

Career Objective: Want to work on mega projects and to bring my experience and potential to use. Want to work in the best interest of my employer and want to learn something different.

Professional Experience:

Electronics Manufacturing Company

March 1997 to August 2002 – Testes companies running projects and improved their efficiency. Worked as a Project Manager and built RF devices according to military specifications. Trained many of the Electronic Technicians who worked under me.


  • 1992-1994 BS. Electronics Engineering, Stockholm University, Sweden
  • 1994-1996 MS. Electronics Engineering, Stockholm University, Sweden


Was awarded as a best manager by Electronics Manufacturing Company. Introduced two new capacitors in the Electronics market which could perform several functions at the same time.


  • Movies
  • Music
  • Hockey
  • Football


  • CCNA
  • Motor Control
  • Power Transmission


Upon Request

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