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Engineeringis a very competitive field. There are numerous qualified graduate engineers competing for limitedjobs. This however should not discourage any one from seeking a career inengineering. A high level of competition is being experienced in practically every industry. If you want to get that lucrativeengineering joball you have to do is stay one step ahead of the competition. The best way to do this is to prepare anengineering CVthat stands out of the crowd.

There are various fields inengineeringsuch as electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering and many others. They all require CV’s that are specific to their field. In general however, anengineering CVshould not just simply be a list of experience and academic merit. Anengineering CVthat shows therecruitersand prospectiveemployersthe applicant’s personal strengths, personality, skills and attributes is more likely to get the applicant an invitation for an interview. If your CV shows how unique you areemployersandrecruitersare more likely to be interested in you and chances are you will get thejobif you do well in your interview.

Sample Engineering CV Format

Maurice Rice Adams

123 south Park Baker Street

London, UK

Mobile No. 234 5678

Career Objective:

Seeking position as an Aeronautical Engineer that will allow the application of technical and problem solving skills. The position should provide the opportunity to apply skills to various forms of aircraft and allow the exchange of ideas between engineers specialized in various fields of aeronautics. The position would also allow the application of creative and innovative aircraft design skills.


Worked as the sole aeronautical engineer at the Willis Air Strip for three years before joining the British Army and serving in the air force as a junior aeronautical officer for a further 3 years. Managed by hard work and attention to detail to move up in the ranks to commanding officer of the Royal Air Troop. Worked as an instructor in the Royal Aeronautics College for five years after fifteen years of service in the British Army.

Academic Qualification:

Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Engineering from Royal Air Force College in 1980

Professional Qualification:

Private Pilots License with 300 hours of flying


Leader of the Royal Air Force College Students Union

Deputy Head of the engineering team that redesigned and replaced the Royal Air Force engines

Commander of the Royal Air Force

Work Experience

1984 – 1987 aeronautical engineer at the Willis Air Strip

1987 – 1998   aeronautical engineer British Army

1998 – 2002 commander of the Royal Air Force

2002 – 2005 Lecturer in Engine design at the Royal Aeronautical Academy

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