Fabrication & Structures Development Mechanic CV

Depending on what is to be fabricated, the principal duty of a Fabrication & Structure Development Mechanic is to check and supervise the construction of the project to ensure that the fabrication task will be carried out efficiently in the fastest manner possible. The potential candidate for this position is also responsible for making sure that the fabrication work is done in accordance with the site instructions and contract documents. A Fabrication & Structure Development Mechanic should therefore possess keen eyes for details. Your expertise on these tasks should therefore be highlighted in your CV.


Sample Fabrication & Structures Development Mechanic CV

James L. Kirton
89, Burdon Street,
Wimchester 03876

Home: 214-675-3545

Cell: 214-595-8545
Email: jameslk@gmail. com




To be able to get a job as a Fabrication & Structures Development Mechanic


Summary of Qualifications


  • Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Over ten years working experience in Fabrication & Structures Development Mechanic
  • Excellent writing and communication skills
  • Impressive engineering and mechanical skills
  • proven track record for excellent and impressive workmanship
  • Team player and good motivator
  • Advance computer literacy
  • Great analytical skills
  • Keen eyes for details in dealing with work specifications
  • Hardworking




1999 – 2002

Bachelor in Mechanical, University of London


Diploma in Mechanical, Swansea University


Career Experience/Job History

2009 – Present

Assistant Development Mechanic

Cooray Agencies Ltd.

2002 – 2009

Jr. Mechanic

CATS Agency




  • Employee of the Year Award in 2000
  • Commended by most clients who were satisfied with his excellent job for timely and efficient fabrication projects


Professional references upon request

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