Graduate Structural Engineer CV

A graduate structural engineer is a graduate who works in the field of construction and assists in designing the structural base of a building that needs to be constructed. The role of a graduate structural engineer is very vital in a construction company as it is the design structure that is provided by the structural engineer that helps the building sustain strength and all weather conditions. Some of the duties that are structural engineer fulfills are provide configuration for structural components of a building, providing calculation of weights that each component used in the construction can bear, examine structures for any crevices or cracks to mitigate collapse etc. A candidate should draft an effective CV for this position and a sample of graduate structural engineer CV is given below for reference.

Sample Graduate structural engineer CV

Michael H Dowen

Personal Skills: – I possess skills that make me an ideal candidate for a company seeking a graduate structural engineer. Some of the skills that I possess are :-

Good analytical and problem solving skills

Very good grasp of structural aspects

Good eye for detail

Good ability to mingle and work well with all members in the organization

Good drawing skills

Possess computer skills to work on various structural programs available for construction

 Experience :- I have extensive experience in handling various structural designs due to my exposure to the following jobs.

From 2010 till present – Junior Structural Engineer – Involved in all projects – Manchester Inc

 Education and qualifications

2003 – completed high school – London High School – Excellent grades

2009 – completed Graduation in Structural Engineering – London University – Excellent grades

 Hobbies :- I have many hobbies and interests that I undertake when I am idle or have free time to spare



Involve in social service activities


References are available on request.


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