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Mechanical engineer CVs should reflect and in-depth knowledge of the field of mechanical engineering as well as extensive experience in the industry. When you apply to a specific organization, tailor your CV to suit the needs of that organization and the position for which you are applying. You can do this by finding out more information on the employer’s goals and objectives and what is expected of the person who is appointed for the job you are applying.  

If you are specialized in a specific area of mechanical engineering, this would be an added advantage if the organization is seeking people with that specific skill.  Here is a CV sample for a mechanical engineer.

Sample Mechanical Engineer CV    

 Andrew Cater   

Mechanical Engineer

North-west, Drive

New York, NY, 34523      

(012) 345-6789

License No: ME:0987-567-BN-4320 

Research Interests 

Development and dispensation of multi-component materials, comparing kinetic reactions and higher-order phase symmetry with material properties and processing constraints 


West-Gate University, Madison, Wisconsin 

Doctor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, April 2003 

GPA: 4.5 

Thesis: A Thermodynamic examination of Indium-Transition Metal Ohmic relationships with n-Gallium Arsenide, including an overview of the Thermochemical Behavior of Quaternary of Gallium – Indium. 

East-Gate University, Madison, Wisconsin 

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, June 2000 

Major in Material Science 

GPA: 3.7 

North-Gate University, Madison, Wisconsin 

BEng (Hons) Mechanical engineering, April 1998 

Core Units: Mathematics, Thermodynamics, Introduction to Engineering, Engineering Management, software systems, and Fluid Mechanics 

Project: Designed and developed a mechanical lifting device for large locomotives 

Employment Details 

2007 – Present: Maxwell Technological University, Houghton, Michigan 

Position:  Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering 

Responsibilities Thermodynamic modeling and experimental categorization of multi-component amorphous alloy forming systems; development of improved electrical contacts to multi-functional elemental semiconductors by linking interfacial chemical responses with electrical properties.  

May 2005 – April 2006: Mechanical Engineer, Plant Integrity Division 

Company:  Sharp-Ends Engineering, Madison, Wisconsin 

Responsibilities: Worked with minimal supervision as part of a small team in analyzing mechanical failures and weld replicas; designing and maintaining new databases; adapting computer program solutions in visual basic to improve efficiency and effectiveness, organizing records, and compiling reports. 

2004 – Jan. 2005:  Technician, Plant Maintenance 

Company:  BitRate International, Baltimore, BA 

Responsibilities: Plant maintenance and replacement of worn-out bearings. Awarded numerous ‘employee of the week’ awards, expanded my customer service skills and improved team-working skills.        

Sponsored Research Activities 

2004 – 2005: Optimization of glass forming capabilities of Metallic Unstructured alloys utilizing multi-Component Phase Diagram Modeling-– National Institute of Mechanical Engineers.  

2006 – Jan. 2007: Electro-Materials Processing: Formulation of an Efficient and Effective Electrical Contacts to multiple Semiconductors and their Alloys – The Carter Foundation 

Academic honors 

  • Honorable mention, International Science Foundation Association
  • Wisconsin Research Foundation Fellowship
  • 2W Company Prize Fellowship


2004 – Present:  Wisconsin Society for Professional Mechanical Engineers

2006 – Present: American Association of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors -Wisconsin Chapter

2007 – Present American Vacuum Society 


Furnished upon Request  


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