Network Security Engineer CV

A network security engineer focuses on the security effects of the networked computer systems in an organisation. These engineers practice their profession to ensure optimum level of security and integrity and search for the networking risks. The job post of a network security engineer requires a person to have a sharp vision towards his work and professionalism in his engineering skills. To apply for the job post of a network security engineer, an applicant has to fill in his details such as skills, educational qualifications, experiences etc in a CV document that is termed as a network security engineer CV.

Sample Network Security Engineer CV


Name: Derek Charlie

Residential Address: Lavender Street, 3rd floor, House Number 303,Venus Apartments, Nottingham, UK

Mobile Number: 069709696

Telephone Number: 233444

Email Address:

Languages Known: French, German and English

Current Employment Status: Employed


With good organisational abilities and polishes interpersonal skills, I look forward for an opportunity to work as a network security engineer at your reputed organisation so that I can exercise my technical skills to secure the networking and associations of systems in the best possible way.


  •  Defining system networking security measures on the basis of user’s requirements.
  •  Indulging in technical engineering activities to produce and initiate necessary security policies for ensuring finest safety of the computer networking
  • Overseeing the misuse and malicious behaviour of different software, hardware or other installed programs that may affect system’s security.


  •  Worked at Fortune Computer Networking Agency at the job post of a computer engineer from January 2006 to December 2008.
  •  Worked as a networking engineer at Connections Enterprises Limited for the total of 3 years.


  •  Completed B.Tech in Computer Science studies in the year 2003.
  •  Attained Certificate of Protection Professional in the year 2004 (CPP)
  •  Diploma certificate and certified as Information System Security Professional in the year 2006 (CISSP)

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