Reservoir Simulation Engineer CV

A reservoir simulation engineer is one who works with an oil and gas company and is responsible for the control and installation of the oil rigging pool. The key responsibilities of a reservoir simulation engineer include make use of simulation tools to identify oil rigs, conduct survey to identify reservoir simulation flow, assist oil production team in oil drilling by spotting accurate locations for the same. The role of a reservoir simulation engineer is filled with many challenges on account of the complex activities involved in the reservoir industry. Therefore CV should be drafted in a professional manner as given in the sample reservoir simulation engineer CV below.

Sample Reservoir simulation engineer CV

Steven Welding

Address : #45, Stockport, Cheshire, London, NW11

Telephone Number : 002-0003-44444

Email Address :


Working presently with Wamanga Oil Company, Cheshire, London 2007-till date

Reservoir Engineer

Conduct well test analysis at various locations assigned by the company

Provide estimation for well in order to arrive at budget needed for rigging by the company

Conduct simulation for reservoir in order to estimate its future performance

Undertake steps to reduce reservoir depletion at all stages

Predict performance of oil reservoirs as and when necessary

Conduct fluid property analysis to assess the quality of oil available in the rig


Masters in Reservoir Engineering from London engineering University 2004 – 2007

Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from London engineering University 2001 – 2004


Excellent problem solving skills

Capable of handling work independently and also in teams efficiently

Good work optimization skills

Good data analysis and rationalization skills at all times.


DATE OF BIRTH:25th March 1972

PLACE OF BIRTH:Cheshire, London

LANGUAGES:English, Spanish and French


CHILDREN:Two children aged 10 years and 6 years respectively.











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