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CGI Special Effects Technicians work as a team under the direct supervision of the CGU Special Effects Director for a film or movie production company. They are responsible for doing conventional photographic and CGI –based post processing of films shot against a blue or green backdrop in a studio.  In a mega-budget movie, you can find them working at various levels of processing such as conceptualization, basic wire mesh rendering, texture and terrain mapping and compositing.

CGI Special Effects Technician CV Format

Gary B. Mendel

Burbank, LA, California

Phone: (818) 768-9223

Career Objective

To work as part of a team of CGI Special Effects Technician in major or independent movie production company.

Professional Experience

2001– Present: 2nd CGI Special Effects Technician, Burbank Studios

  • Work closely with the CGI Director, Cinematographer and Film Director in achieving the overall prescribed for the movie.
  • Assist stage hands in setting-up blue or green backdrop in a studio prior to capturing real actins against it.
  • Process blue or green-screen videos for compositing with CGI generated images on the Silicon Graphics Workstations
  • Operate MASSIVE (Multiple Agent Simulator System in Virtual Environment) to realistically simulate large crowds in CGI special effects development


Skills and Qualification

  • Excellent computer competence in using Silicon Graphics supercomputers
  • Above Average creativity in developing computer generated animation from video libraries and captured images


Portfolio of movies with CGI special effects development participation



1998 – Present: In-house training in the use of Silicon Graphics computer system, CGI animation techniques and tools and blue backdrop set-ups.

1997 – 1998: Diploma in 3D Animation, Milwaukee Institute of Art Design

1994 – 1997: BS Computer Science, DeVry University

Professional and Character References

To be furnished upon request

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