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A comedian is a skilled entertainer who cracks jokes or performs a variety of comic skits in a most professional manner. His prime concern is to engage his or customers in loads of laughter and fun with his or her Repertoire of jokes which are uniquely funny. They are a major part of entertainment industry who adds flavors to the movies or any stage show may it be an award ceremony or any promotional events.

A comedian’s role can be extended to multiple lines of work from voice acting to stand up entertainer. Also a comedian can be hired by the director as the writer keeping the humor and fun parts of a movie or story in eyes.

Sample Comedian CV Format

1264, West 67 Street

Carlisle, MP 01541

(123)-456 7990

San Francisco

Mobile No: +15006496756

Telephone No: +15550674565

Career objective: To get established as a comedian and to broaden the experience with it and become enriched with more acclamation from audiences.

Professional experience:

2007-2008: Educational theatre experience in Abilene Christian University, Abilene

2008- Present: Teaching experience in Arizona State University

Comedian’s objectives:

    • To make audiences laugh by telling jokes or comedy lines.
    • To sign humorous songs
    • To perform comedy walks or dance steps.
    • To amuse audiences with facial contortions and by wearing funny costumes.


2000-2003: BA in Economics, California College of the Arts

2003-2007: Theatre degree from Abilene Christian University


Performed several stage shows during the graduate days and honored with many prizes including the best entertainer of Abilene Christian University in the spring festival 2006.


  • Public speaking
  • Gaining audience’s acclamation in stage shows


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