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A magician is a person skilled in the mysterious and hidden art of magic, the ability to attain objectives, acquire knowledge, using supernatural or non rational means. A magician tries to deviate mind of people by his tricks and knowledge. Hypnotism is also used by him to entertain people.

A magician’s CV can be useful for the posts available in circus, juggler shows and in various fields where source of income is generated by entertaining people.

Sample Magician CV Format

46/D, Old South Colony

Beside Mark Laurance Restaurant

5687549, Eastern America

Mobile No: +15004388671325

Telephone No: +1553478132277

Career objective: To develop skills and knowledge used to entertain and deviate human minds.

Professional experience:

2005-2007: Worked as a lead magician in Orko circus.

2007-2009: Worked as hypnotist for a private agency.

Environment Scientist’s objectives:

    • To deviate human minds by tricks and hypnotism.
    • To entertain people by showing different shows.
    • Understanding human behaviors, and acting accordingly.


2003-2007: Magician’s masters course, School of magic, Michigan.

2007-2009: Master’s of hypnotism, Michigan Science University of technology.


Received best magician award while working with orko circus.

Received social award in field of entertainment.


  • Playing and learning tricks to fool people.
  • Participating in seminars organized for magicians.
  • Writing challenging books on black magic.


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