Mimicry Artist CV

Mimicry artists are also called as impressionists. Mimicry artist is performer whose act consists of giving the impression of being someone else by imitating other person’s voice and mannerisms. If you want to become successful Mimicry artist you should have proper training, practice and unique talent. So if you want to attend any competitions or jobs, regarding to mimicry you can use this cv template.

Sample Mimicry Artist CV Format

Spike Jones

Crossing Street




Mobile No: +987 39872 987

Telephone No: +8 72983 7

Career Objective: To be a crowd puller and famous Mimicry artist through a renowned Event management organization.


I am having 10 years of experience in the field of mimicry. And I Have had done about 500 stage performances all over India in three different languages Hindi, Telugu and English.

Computer Hardware Engineer Objectives:

  • To develop new skills regularly
  • To have good sense of humor
  • To plan the sequences correctly and frequently updating the concepts by observing the world.


1998-2001: BBA, S.V.University.


Achieved tons of awards in this field. Achieved best compliments from President of India.


  • Walking
  • Chess


“Upon request”

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