Musician CV

A musician is the person who is responsible right from the composing music to the performance part of it. He entertains audience with his instrument skills and quite professional in his ways to ensure all modes of recreation gets revealed when it comes to music.

A musician CV can fulfill the roles of a composer, music assistant, music consultant, producer and of course the role of an organist.

Sample Musician CV Format

345, open plaza front

Lords, 567-67


Mobile No: +440676496756

Telephone No: +44055067895

Career objective: To become a famous musician and offer the best class of music to the people of entire world and to innovate some greatest compositions in the history of music.

Professional experience:

2007-2009: Music teacher in Academy of contemporary music

2009- Present: Music Director of the Jazz audio company

Musician’s objectives:

  • Performing in concerts and participating in recording sittings
  • Learning new pieces of music to extend the collections
  • Organizing publicity and negotiating fees
  • Searching out and liaising with new venues in which to perform
  • Delivering educational work in businesses and the wider community


2003-2007: Degree in Music program, Royal College of Music, London


Nominated for the best musician’s award in the city of Lords and honored with various prizes during the graduate days in the form of organizer and best producer.


  • Composing different genres with instruments
  • Writing songs and re-mixing the established ones.
  • Playing guitar
  • Travelling


“Upon request”

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