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An environment consulting officer takes on the role of aiding businesses and corporations in meeting compliance linked with various environmental laws, rules and regulations. He or she can handle a variety of issues like identifying the enviormental impact of a building and issues associated with a site before opting to buy it.

The environment consluiting officer can be a fit for the role of Enviorment resource management officer, enviormental investing officer, global warming monitoring executive, etc.

Sample Environment Consulting Officer

CV Format

TA-56, Old South Apartment

New Taste Hotel, 64th Mark Street

5676759, New South Wales


Mobile No: +15004786754967

Telephone No: +1553467854745

Career objective: To develop a best leadership in energy and environmental design thereby finding an effective way to tackle various environmental issues.

Professional experience:

2009- Present: Consultant  in Natural Resource Policy Management, Centre of Advanced Studies and Technology, Norway

Environment Consulting Officer’s objectives:

    • To conduct frequent field surveys to collect data in establishing conditions for levels of pollution for a site under consideration
    • Developing conceptual model which will help in identification of potential contaminant sources and receptors that could potentially influence the wider part of the environment
    • Writing of reports which includes all details scientific works and the written format can be useful for common people
    • Detail assessment of the data using software modeling packages


2002-2006: Bachelor’s in Environmental Engineering, Top Gun Tech University, USA

2006-2009: Professional course in Environment Management Policies, University Of Science and Research, Norway


Leader in the awareness program on environmental problems and remedial measures for the Society of Environmental Consultants, New York, 2007.Best project award in the graduate level.


  • Studying waste management
  • The environmental audit
  • Writing reviews on environmental consulting projects


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