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An environment CV is the curriculum-vitae of a candidate interested in environmental science jobs. The scope of the profession is huge considering the sudden outcry of environmental issues starting from garbage disposal at the micro-level to pollution at the macro-level. This is one arena which demands avid knowledge and fervour in a range of subjects like chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics. Environmental engineering is the latest option in the job field that has great prospects of development.

The CV of an environmental manager or worker should thus focus on both academic credentials as well as the emotional aspects of the candidate with equal vehemence as the job is not very easy to handle. Candidates may have to work in precarious conditions and take huge risks while dealing with nuclear and radioactive substances. Certain amount of dedication and love for the environment is mandatory for it is a very sensitive job. That should be reflected in the CV.

Therefore, an environment CV is required to work at inclusion of the following:

  • The grades of the individual to mark the academic framework successfully.
  • A profile of the places of schooling and formal training.
  • A brief description of the personal flairs in environmental care and concern.

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