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An environment engineer is a person of engineering background who is linked with the environment and effective management of natural resources. He or she also pays special attention on the physio-chemical and biological reactions that occurs in the air, water and land.

Environment engineer can be a best fit for the job of environment specialist, water management specialist and natural resource management engineers.

Sample Environment Engineer

CV Format

A-65, Corner Villa

Richmond Circle

5674578- England


Mobile No: +1506796756

Telephone No: +1567897456

Career objective: To become a prominent engineer in the field of management of natural resources and environmental studies along with the innovative study of some serious problems like global warming and green house effect.

Professional experience:

2007-2008: worked as a scientific advisor for the Pollution Control Board, London

2008- Present: Working as a senior engineer in Environmental Society of London

Environment engineer’s objectives:

    • To find solutions for water and land contamination.
    • To deal with the solid and liquid wastes.
    • To effectively manage toxic and hazardous wastes emitted from manufacturing industries.
    • To develop new technologies for recycling industrial wastes
    • To pass the new developed technology to the remote corners of the country and world.


2003-2007: Bachelors of Technology in Environmental Science and Engineering, University of Bradford


Topper of the batch during the engineering days and won the budding engineer of the year 2008, London.


  • Monitoring weather changes
  • Writing technical papers


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