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An Environmental Health Officer is the one who works in employment with state health authorities or local government bodies. They usually advise and make public health standards obligatory. Besides state authorities, they are also employed in private sector and military camps.

They can do the roles of Health and Safety Officer in-charge, Global Safety Officer, Chief Enviormental Health Officer, Health Safety Manager, etc.

Sample Environment Health Officer

CV Format

RT-87, West Block

New Colony, PE 01671

35456 7990

Disney Land


Mobile No: +15003496756

Telephone No: +15555474565

Career objective: To provide all the possible supervisions of the environmental health and safety operations. To analyze different environmental threats and come up with effective remedial measures for the same.

Professional experience:

2005-2008: Teaching experience in Marcus Christian University, New Zealand

2008- Present: Working as a Safety Officer in Weather and Environment Control Board, South America

Environment Health Officer’s objectives:

    • Provide food safety training
    • Noise control
    • Pest control
    • Water testing and Planning


2001-2005: Degree in Environment and Safety, College of Environment and Safety, Australia


Volunteered to win twice as National Treasure for the Environment Society, South America. An active member of the Social service Guild of Environment Society for the year 2006-07.


  • Visiting different Countries
  • Writing books on Environmental issues
  • Spreading environmental awareness among people living in remote areas
  • Attending every national or international seminars related to environment health and safety


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