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An Environment Law Officer is a person who enforces laws on any acts that affect environment on the short or long run like hunting, fishing, de-forestation, etc. The Environment Law officers often work alone with their self-motivation skills and outdoor loving habits.

Environment Law CV is often useful for the positions like Environment Law Executive, Environment Law Teacher, Environment Law Keeper, etc.

Sample Environment Law Officer

CV Format

56, Eastern Gateway Street

Pennysalvia Friend’s Colony

Oppsite Grand Hall Mark SHOP

5678949, Northern America


Mobile No: +1500675496756

Telephone No: +155656767456

Career objective: To maintain the enforced laws on the un-desired acts of ruining the environment and disturbing ecosystem and to make sure people follow the laws by ensuring a good surrounding environment starting from workplace to the forests.

Professional experience:

2008-2009: Teaching experience in American Tech University

2009- Present: Environmental law Manager of Natural Resource and Recycling Institute, Colombo

Environment Law Officer’s objectives:

    • To stay updated on current environmental protection issues and the laws associated with it
    • Management of the laws in the work place and ensure people following it nicely
    • Monitoring of personal protection laws of the environment and get notified with the changes.
    • Conducting awareness programs to make people realize the necessity and advantages attached with the laws.


1999-2005: Dual Degree of Bachelors and Masters in Environment and its Laws, North American College of Science

2005-2008: Doctorate in Environmental Laws and Issue, American Tech University


Best Environmental  executive for the year 2007 in  American Tech University. Best Technical Paper in the International Environmental laws and Safety week 2009.


  • Traveling different places in the world and  observing the laws people follow it
  • Volunteering in different awareness camps regarding environmental laws.
  • Teaching people other than the workplace about the positives of laws.


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