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An environmental science expert has the background of interdisciplinary academic field which amalgamates both physical and biological sciences and uses the same for the study of environment from all possible angles. He or she also acts as the key finder of solutions to all the environmental woes.

The environment science experts can position themselves as environment monitoring specialists, environmental engineers and also environmental research specialists.

Sample Environment Science

Expert CV Format

15/B, National Junction

Menepalle, 01541

(167)-456 54990



Mobile No: +15006566756

Telephone No: +15556774565

Career objective: To facilitate the world with proven technologies to study complex environmental systems more efficiently in so doing solving the most challenging issues associated with it.

Professional experience:

2008- Present: Working as a Research Officer in Chicago Institute of Science

Environment Science Expert’s objectives:

    • To develop quantitative and methodical approach to understand environment systems.
    • To understand the psychological relationship of humans with the environment
    • To understand the global climatic changes
    • To come up with new techniques for natural resources management


2001-2004: Bachelor of Engineering in Environment Science , California College of Science

2004-2008: Master degree from Abilene Tech University


Best junior research fellow award in 2006 and best senior research fellow in 2009. Best technical paper presentation award in international seminars in 2007 and 2008.


  • Mathematical modeling
  • Muddy water research at leisure hours
  • Collecting  books related to wind energy


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