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An Environment Scientist studies the environment on a universal basis that integrates physical and biological aspects of science including physics, chemistry, biology, geography, soil science, etc.

An Environment Scientist’s CV can be useful for the posts of Natural Resource Experts, Wetlands Scientists, Forest Managers, Soil Science Experts, etc.

Sample Environment Scientist

CV Format

456/D, New South Colony

In front of Hollow Mark Restaurant

5678759, Eastern America


Mobile No: +15004356754967

Telephone No: +1553465676745

Career objective: To develop multi-disciplinary approach top tackle various environmental problems and design technologies to meet the demands of those places where severe changes of environment is quite often.

Professional experience:

2009- Present: Scientist in Natural Resource Management, Centre of Advanced Studies and Research, Michigan

Environment Scientist’s objectives:

    • To address the growing environmental problems to the people and discuss the ways for prevention
    • Developing new processes and technologies to counter the new problems of environment
    • Understanding human behaviors, policies and perceptions towards the changing ways of environment
    • Involvement in quantitative analysis of the environment by bringing up the relation between time and space


2003-2007: Bachelor’s of Science, Michigan University

2007-2009: Master’s of Science, Michigan Science and Technology University


Best project award in the graduate level. Received best scholar award with honors in Master’s level. Young Scientist award for the year 2010 by Michigan Academy of Science and Research


  • Studying ecology of the forests by traveling different regions
  • Participating in technical seminars with a focus on analyzing the complex issues of the environment
  • Writing challenging papers on environmental issues in different journals


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