Environmental Director CV

An Environments Director is a highly respected person in the profession. Along with the great sense of integrity of the position it also carries a lot of great responsibilities. An environment director is responsible for maintaining the ecological balance by conducting an updated survey. Delegates the right person to implement formulated measures principally geared to protect the environment especially the endangered species. It is also the responsibility of environmental director to keep the environment in harmony with public health and safety at all times

Sample Environmental Director CV

Jhon D. Seya
7, Canon Street,
Winchester 09837

Home: 404-535-6545
Cell: 424-552-5546
Email: Mlonso@gmail. com


To develop, analyze and reduce the environmental impacts on their activities along with improving the environmental performance.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Bachelors Degree in environmental Engineering and Safety
  • Masters degree in Environmental Engineering and Safety
  • Over ten years working experience as Environmental Director
  • Great Motivator
  • Disciplined in the performance of duty
  • High proficiency in using internet protocols
  • Superb computer literacy
  • Team player and individual performer
  • Keen observer and results-oriented
  • Hardworking and highly professional



Masters Degree in Environmental Engineering and Safety, University of Wincheester


Bachelors Degree in environmental Engineering and Safety, University of Salford

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – Present

Environments Director

Jazmine Agency Pvt Ltd.

2001 – 2008

Worked as Deputy Environments Director & Safety Manager

AllUK social Welfare Trust Pvt Ltd.


  • Academic excellence
  • Winner of international competition on environmental issues with a comprehensive booklet on the topic


Professional references upon request

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