Environmental Validation Engineer Assistant CV

An Environmental Validation Engineer Assistant is one responsible for assisting the Validation Engineer in preparing, scheduling and planning for engineering activities. In doing this job the potential candidate for the position needs to have wide knowledge of TCCP. Having to ensure getting this juicy position, a comprehensive and highly sellable CV should work for it. Hence, you need to highlight those special skills in your CV.

Sample Environmental Validation Engineer Assistant CV

Michael Clayton

37th street,

Ipswich 03984

U. K.

Cliniconacs@gmail. com

CONTACT NO: +67 55658956

MOBILE NO: +76 9956835655



To work as Validation Engineer Assistant in a well established company. To utilize my computer skills in the development of the company dealing with this field of work

Summary of Qualifications

  • Bachelors Degree in Computer Science
  • Excellent technical skills in Computer Languages, Hardware, Operating System and Software applications
  • Proficiency of these computer programs : C, C++, TCP/IP, COBOL, JAVA
  • Proficiency in using Windows NT/2000/2003, UNIX
  • Highly experienced in using CIP & SIP Processes
  • Impressive communication skills
  • Expert in analyzing engineering expenditures based on proposed budget and schedule.
  • Works well with colleagues, subordinates and superiors
  • Hardworking and results-oriented



Masters Degree in Computer Science, University of Plymouth


Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, University of Chichester


Career Experience/Job History

2010 – Present

Environmental Validation Engineer Assistant

GlobalSoft Agency


Environmental Validation Engineer

GhateyWide Group.


  • Academic excellence in College
  • Conducts seminars and workshops on subject matter relevant to expertise in the field of engineering validation

Professional references upon request


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