Manager for Health Safety & Environment CV

A Manager for Health Safety & Environment is responsible for the management of all aspects of occupational health and safety. It is also the duty of this type of manager to ensure good workers’ compensation and environmental compliance activities. Hence, these should be highlighted in the VC of an applicant seeking to become a manager for health safety & environment.

Sample Manager for Health Safety & Environment CV

Andrew Norton

Little street,

Leicester 03958

U. K.

ashusnott13@gmail. com

home: (123)-456 7890.




To seek employment as manager for Health Safety & Environment in a company providing sound environment for both work and workers.

Summary of Qualifications

  • Degree holder in Environmental Engineering
  • Completed and intensive medical training for health safety
  • Over eight years of experience as manager for health safety
  • Extremely impressive interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to adopt any types of worksites
  • Good motivator and a great person for multi-tasking
  • Proven dedication for work
  • Excellent computer literacy
  • Hardworking and highly responsible
  • Honest and works well with different types of people



Master’s in Management, University of Plymouth


Bachelor’s in management, University of Winchester

Career Experience/Job History

2010 – Present

Sample Manager

Coopert’s Agency

2002 – 2005

Sample Tester

Medilabs Solutions.


2005 -2010

Sample Analyser

Techtodday Samples Collections.


  • Commended for great sense of commitment for every job with various clients across the world.
  • Recipient of certificates and monetary rewards for excellence in performing assigned tasks


Professional references upon request

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