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As the name suggests employers will be searching for individuals with analytical skills. A business analyst CV should be centered on research skills, report writing skills, analytical skills and problem solving skills. Before embarking on the compilation of the CV, find out more about the company and the type of services they offer their clients.

If you have skills or experience that is related to these services, ensure you emphasize them early in your CV e.g. in your career objective, or listing your professional experience and responsibilities in the earlier part of the CV. You should also find out about their clientele if you are applying to a firm that carries out business analysis for other organizations. If you already have experience with the same client or similar clients, mention this in you business analyst CV

Sample Business Analyst CV 

Tom Puller David


To make new frontiers in the profession in the in order to draw out, study, communicate and validate necessities for changes to business practices, policies and information systems.


[2006 — Currently] Price Waterhouse Coopers, Seattle [New York City, New York]

Business Analyst

• Head of Business Development

• Involved in the process of documenting, creating and implementing business design standards on the large scale for the company

• Maintain business performance, security and quality of service

• Analyze and give reports on overall business performance annually 

[2002 –2005] Complease Computers, Seattle 

Business Development Manager

• Develop new business strategies

• Research on new trends and curving niches for growth

• Discovering of new technology to streamline business preparations

• Monthly generation of productivity and sales reports 

[1998 — 2002] Copper People Inc, Watts Seattle 

Marketing Executive

• Create implement and manage all of the company’s marketing strategies

• Tender for, appoint and work with outsourced marketing companies

• Conduct and head marketing campaigns throughout the state

• Report to the CEO on the progress of Market presence of all products and its effect on sales.


[1996 — 1997] Merlin’s Business University     Chicago, Illinois

MBA Graduated summa cum laude 

[1991 — 1995] Merlin’s Business University                Chicago, Illinois

B.A., Business Information Technology and Management

Graduated summa cum laude 


Lee Blue

Merlin’s Business University

8787493 Merlin Province

Chicago Illinois



David Tate,

Price Waterhouse Coopers,

Fox Drive 349466 Providence,


454 – 3108442, 3410855, 2521754

Languages English, French, Arabic, Swahili

Awards received 

Chicago Marketing Excellence Award for Best New Strategy 2005

Pulitzer Price for a fictional article that blended the history of business with satire to portray the dark side of business analysis on the Daily Telegraph, Seattle Edition of the 17th May of 2006.

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