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Chief Financial Officer or commonly referred as CFO are responsible for managing risks arising out of finances for the organizations. CFO’s role involved financial reporting, planning and record keeping. In some organizations CFO are designated as finance directors. CFO reports directly to chief executive officer and board of directors. It is not unusual for CFO to be one of the directors onboard. Their main task is to assess the financial strength or weakness of the company and report the same to management. It is up to the management to decide on spending or budgets. CFO’s are also actively involved with auditing assignments and financial planning.

Chief Financial Officer CV is helpful for people who want to work as Chief Financial Officers in large organizations or as Certified Public Accountant.

Chief Financial Officer CV Format

Kevin Mitchell

1735 Arbor wood Dr



The United States of America

Mobile No: +1 988 80 35 05 7

Telephone Number: + 1 270 455 1549

Career Objective: I am looking for a job as chief financial officer in reputed organizations.

Professional Experience:

2007 – 2009: A2Z Company, Kentucky

I have worked with A2Z company, Kentucky for 5 years in various capacities as Accounts Manager, Finance Controller and Chief Financial Officer. As a chief financial officer my responsibilities included auditing, generating financial reports and managing the company funds and assets.

2004 – 2006: NOP Company, California

I have worked as an Assistant Accounts Manager in the company and my role was to assist accounts manger.


2002 – 2004: LLM in Banking and Financial Law Studies, Arizona State University, Arizona

1999 – 2001: B.Com. in Accounting – Financial Planning Track, University of California, California


I have was promoted very quickly thrice for my efficient work and knowledge in the finance and auditing.


  • Golf
  • Tennis


I will provide references on request.

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