Finance Business Partner CV

A finance business partner is one who has the knowledge and the expertise and is willing to invest money in a business venture of another company. The finance business partner provides all the essential skills necessary for the success of the business along with financing it. A sample finance business partner CV is given below which provides a fair idea of how a finance business partner CV should be drafted.

Sample finance business partner CV

Finance Business Partner Curriculum Vitae

Sandra Joanna

#4, Taunton, Somerset, London, TA2

Phone: 0400 000 000

 A polished and professional finance business partner with :

  • Finance driven person with a penchant for investment products and services.
  • Have been providing good financial planning expertise and advisory services to clients.
  • Possess a pleasing personality to impress clients and obtain business.
  • Capable of increasing business performance within the shortest possible time.



From 2005-Present, XYZ COMPANY, London

Have been a financial business partner with the above company and handled high net worth clients on behalf of the company.

Key Results:

  • Increased volume of business and acquisition of new clients.
  • Established norms for staff which enhanced quality of service and better customer relationship.
  • Attained recognition of best business company in small investment group in the previous financial year.

Financial Advisor:

From 2001-2005, DIFFERENT INVESTMENTS, London

Providing information on investment and insurance products to clients and cross selling products of the company.


Completed studies in Financial Management with excellent grades from London University of Management in the year 2001.

Completed High School from XYZ High School with good grades in the year 1995.


Business Skills Technical Skills Other Skills

Advertising Skills Stock market expertise Exceptional communication skills

Promotion Skills

Excellent reports preparation skills

Good people skills

Negotiation Skills Training on financial data to staff Very creative person

Convincing Skills Good computer skills Excellent training skills

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