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A Financial advisor is a person who offers his advisory services related to finance to either an individual or a company. His job is to advise the client or employer about various policies or strategies which could prove to be beneficial. His work also includes investment planning, pension planning or any kind of insurance. The CV of a financial advisor should specify the details of the relevant coursework or experiences which put him in a strong position to grab the job.

Sample financial advisor CV:

Name: Daniel Mach

Age: 31 years

Address: D-9, James lines, LA

Phone Number: 47394830940



  • Pursued graduation in business administration from Georgia tech university, Atlanta.
  • Pursued post graduation with advanced financial skills from Georgia tech university, Atlanta.
  • Diploma course work done and report produced on the topic ‘financial methods’.

Skills and forte

  • Specialisation in building rapport with clients and convincing them about the appropriate financial strategies.
  • Can work for long hours which are devoted to working out on new strategies and plans relating to benefitting the company.
  • Expertise and command over English and Maths. Great negotiable skills and communication.

Future goals

  • To give my best in an organisation that suits the kind of objective I have.
  • To work to the best of my abilities to bring about benefits to my company.
  • To be recognised for my analytic skills and knowledge of the financial advisory section and use them in the best possible manner.

Previous experiences

  • Worked with JD group of companies for a span of 4 years from 2001 to 2005
  • Worked as a junior financial advisor at City bank for 3 years from 2005 to 2008.

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