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Like business analysis financial analysis requires a person with well developed analytical skills. The financial analyst cv should be focused on report writing skills, communication skills, presentation skills, research skills and problem solving skills. Information about the organization to which you are applying should be gathered before you begin compiling your financial analyst resume.

You will then have knowledge of their services or products and be able to tailor your financial analyst resume to suit their needs. If the organization to which you are applying carries out financial analysis for other companies, try and gather information about their clients and the services they offer them. You can then assess what specific skills the employers would be most likely to appreciate more and emphasize these in your financial analyst resume.

Sample Financial Analyst CV

Steve Junior Hansen

8743 West 77 Street

Los Angeles, California

Mobile Number: 123 8747 336

Telephone Number:  22…

Career Objective:

Financial Analyst with 5 years experience in the field of financial marketing. Acquired skills in financing and marketing which will be useful to attain company goals. Seeking employment with a growing company in search of a dedicated and highly skilled worker.

Educational Background:

2003 – 2005   Masters in Financing, Berkley College

1998 – 2002   Bachelors in Marketing and Financing, Pacific Union College

Professional Experience:

2005 – Present:  Corporate Analyst, Cartel Bank


• Preparing and analyzing fund and income statements

• Balancing sheets and salary schedules

• Compiling company, central reserve reports

• Analyzing current trends and making use of reports to examine income, balance sheets and fund statement ratios

• Preparing gap details in a timely manner

• In charge of servicing depositor accounts with over $50,000

2002- 2003:  Financial Analyst, Goodwill Bank


• Book keeping and ensuring customer relation files are in order

• In charge of verifying checks

• Handling documents and financial reports

• Carrying out a quantitative estimation of the banks association with other international correspondents

• Balanced banks sheets and analyzed for ways to simplify the process

• Make decisions regarding losses in the banks and unpaid loans

• Make decisions regarding clients with unpaid mortgages that are overdue

• Implementing ways to increase company revenues

• Suggesting ways to improve client services and satisfaction


• Led bank to receive bank of the Year award

• Increased bank revenues for the year 2003 from gross profits of $ 4.5 Billion to $ 7 Billion

• Implemented the need for regular staff seminars on cutting costs in departments

• Elected as trainer for financial marketing strategies in the company

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