Financial Reporting Manager CV

The position of a financial reporting manager requires a person to have a sharp vision towards his work with good decision making skills to report various activities, procedures, complaints etc related to the financial sector. He is responsible for analysing, overseeing and reporting the financial adequacies or inadequacies, failures, successes, improvements and other minute details related to the financial processes. A person can apply for the job post of a financial reporting manager with this help of a CV document that is called as a financial reporting manager CV. Such a document is helpful for an applicant in detailing his professional and personal information.

Sample Financial Reporting Manager


Name: Harry Williams

Residential Address: 132, Cross Street, Youth Building, Florida Lane, New York, NY

Mobile Number: 3638378273

Telephone Number: (970)-474-5959

Email Address:

Languages Known: German, Spanish, English


  • Fulfil the required purpose of hiring that is successful meet the requirement of Security and Exchange Commission (SEC).
  • Efficient to prepare financial reports, both annually and quarterly, to be submitted to the tax offices and for the purpose of the public disclosures.
  • Highly loyal in maintaining confidential report files and financial data reports of an organisation.
  • Capable to manage, direct and administer the works of other financial employees and the data entered in the financial reports, financial statements.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Finances, University of Financial Studies, New York
  • Master’s Degree in Finances, Faculty of Financial and Accounting Studies, Iowa
  • Diploma in report writing, financial management efficiency the year 2003.


Worked as a financial report manager at Royal’s Finance Industries, January 2008-November 2012.

Skilled with the knowledge of reporting complaints and queries related to the financial sector and laying immediate solutions for the same. Awarded as the “Best Financial Manager” in the year 2008.


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