Loss Control Director CV

The Loss Control Director’s job is mainly based on crisis management function. In case of any financial disaster that has recently occurred in the present or has already occurred, the loss control director is responsible for overseeing and looking into the problem. It aims to preserve the corporate reputation and prestige by setting action plans into motion that will make certain that the damage does not cause further deterioration.

Sample Loss Control Director CV

Matthew Patterson,

43, Great Hampton Row,

Newtown, NW 98455-156032

Mobile: +32 78365 56339

Telephone: 025 5567 9982

Fax: 026 4958 4496

Email Address: mattpatt@mpmail.com

Objective: To acquire a position as a loss control director in a stable company where I can test my capabilities and contribute towards the betterment of the company

Educational Qualification:

  • 2000 – completion of school from South Hampton School in New Town
  • 2000 – 2004 – received a bachelor’s degree in Law with speciality in Insurance and Commercial law from New Town College of Judiciary Sciences in New Town
  • 2006 – 2008 – acquired a master’s degree in Business Administration from Business School of New Town

Summary of Professional Experience:

  • 2008 – present – Working as a Deputy Loss Control Director for ‘Lions Insurance Private Limited’

Special Skills:

  • Proficient in using spreadsheets and word processing in MS office
  • Profound understanding of the business world and their impact on various social circles
  • Experienced in interacting with higher decision makers, media and sometimes government agencies too
  • Developed strong verbal and written communication skills, negotiation skills


Can be provided upon request.

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