Sample Financial Analyst CV

When writing your financial analyst CV, ensure to highlight your strengths. It is important to emphasize your professional experience as this is what employers look for. Employers want to be sure that you can handle the job when you are eventually given a placement. When filling an employment vacancy, recruiters also need to know that you have relevant technological skills. One should also be able to communicate to financial and non-financial managers in the organization in a way they will understand.

Sample Financial Analyst CV

Emma Miller Hunt

Portalirngton Road 89


Telephone 435 749 47420

Mobile 739 737 9495


To engage in financial planning, evaluation and interpretation of financial reports in a simple manner to help in effective decision making in organizations.


1997-2000- Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, University of Bristol

2003- Masters in Finance, University of Bath

2004-  Diploma in Information Technology, Writtle College


2005- Intern, Barclays Bank


  • Verification of checks
  • Maintenance and balancing of books
  • Maintenance of depositors accounts
  • Statistical and financial analyzation of data and interpretation
    1. : Accountant, Alliance and Lester


  • Preparation of journal entries and ledgers and balancing of books and preparing of monthly financial statements of income and expenses.
  • Preparation of annul budgets
  • Carrying out fixed asset evaluation and accounting
  • Tracking reimbursements and receivables and carrying out monthly reconciliations
  • Analyzing the profitability of various projects undertaken by the bank
  • Maintaining any additional income streams and revenues generated
  • Communicating to both financial and non-financial managers on the financial position of the organization


  • Managed budgets of up to $500,000 annually
  • communicate complex financial issues to non-financial personnel in a simple manner
  • Provide financial interpretations and support to other departments in the organization.

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