Security Analyst CV

A security analyst is a person who is employed either in a bank, a brokerage firm or as a financial advisor. Not just anyone can apply for this kind of a job as it requires certain skills and minimum eligibility criteria. A security analyst CV is one which contains all those points which stress upon the fact that the applicant is suitable enough for the job and has the required qualifications. The following is an example of a security analyst CV.

Sample security analyst CV

Personal details:

Frank Mathew

Contact number: 5437904878094

Email address:

12-C, sea facing unit apartments

Fred district, California


  • Perused graduation from St Pauls University, CA. Main subject was finance accompanied with accounts and business administration.
  • Pursued PG in Finance from NYU.
  • Diploma course and training done from Hcf Bank limited for a period of 8 months.

Skills and expertise

  • Specialisation in convincing customers regarding the best plans for them.
  • Command over French, English and German.
  • Good communication skills and good disposition in terms of personality and outlook
  • Expertise in bank related knowledge along with insurance units.

List of past records

  • Worked as a security analyst for 12 months at City bank limited in New York City where I was awarded with the best employee award.
  • Have been working part time at Hcf Bank in their insurance department 4 days a week.

Future goals

  • To promote profit of the organisation and clients by hard work and dedication.
  • Be an inspiration for other employees and bring out the best of my abilities.

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