Sample Fresher CV

Sample Fresher CV format is useful for the fresh employees who do not have any job experience and applying for the first time. You can use this format to make your fresher CV. Always make it short and effective and avoid too much description. Write about your achievements, strengths and positive qualities so it will create a good impression on the interviewer.

Sample Fresher CV

Alan George

56, Salmon Street,

Los Angeles,


The United States of America

Mobile No: +1 877 476 846

Telephone Number: +1 567 876 2928

Career Objective: Mention your career aims and the objectives why you want to work with the company. Also give brief idea about your future career plans.

Professional Experience:

In this head you have to give details about your past work experiences and if you do not have work experience then also mention about your internship. Also give the name of the company and what was your job responsibility.


Mention all the degrees you have and also give details about the degrees which your are pursuing and within how many months it will complete. It is better if you can give details about the university name and state.


Give details about all your achievements as this will make a positive impression on the interviewer.


Give details about the activities which your are performing in your spare time as this will give more details about what you are as an individual.


Provide references if asked for.

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